KITTY 26cm Abs Qbaby-2 doll head without makeup


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 ABS version introduction
Material: ABS material
Front and rear shells are connected using screws
Head circumference: 26CM
Color: Pink 、wheat 、mia white
Accessories:  Eye wheel mechanism   + eye ball + 3 pairs of eye pieces + screws++Neck clasp
About the eyes: How one wheel controls the lids and the other the eyes, with three changeable eye chips , making possible a very easy way to control every emotion 

The diameter of our eye piece is 9.7mm. extra low curvature.

About the body that can be used: QBABY body or OB22 body is recommendedLoose 

quares of the same colour mean they are a correct combination! I hope this helps you to make the right choice

Complimentary eye piece



There is a color difference between the physical and display photos, the physical object you receive shall prevail

!Makeup Removal: You cannot use any harsh, chemical makeup remover for wiping. The only way to remove makeup is by sanding with sandpaper. Harsh, chemical makeup removers can cause cracks in plastic surfaces. and are not repairable.

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