BJD Qbaby doll head without makeup


BJD version introduction
Material: resin material
The front and rear shells are connected by magnets
Head circumference: 26CM
Color: bright pink skin tone / super white skin tone / wheat skin / translucent skin tone
Accessories: pull-in eyelids, pull-in eye sockets
About the eyes: 16MM diameter BJD button-type eyes or 16MM diameter ball eye beads (this product does not include the eye beads) eye sockets or eyelids can be solved with Tack-It clay
About the body that can be used: qbaby body or 6' BJD body is recommended
Neck circumference: 5.6 or 5.8

Includes: eyelids, eye sockets, and spherical eyes with double pupils

The eyeballs are a bonus: glass eyeballs! They cannot be dropped and are fragile! Handmade, there will be glass lines or a few black spots! There will be a slight difference in the size of the pupil of the eye. Please leave a message with your order if you mind.Defects in the eyes are not covered by the aftermarket!

The method of removing makeup is the same as that for other BJD dolls.

Colour differences exist between the actual item and the photo, the actual item shall prevail.

There is a color difference between the physical and display photos, the physical object you receive shall prevail

Shipping included  Parcels sent within 7 days

Directions for the use of the eye socket can be found in the FAQ.

Tip: Handmade with minor imperfections, which are normal.

About returns: Except for problems with the quality of the product itself (non-human causes), please contact us promptly within 24 hours of receipt of the goods, we can provide you with a return or exchange service. And the seller will bear the shipping cost! If the time limit is exceeded, the shipping costs will be borne by the buyer!

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