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Introduction to Face Shape

Kitty  Code :G-H-i   

Puppy  code:  J-K-L


BJD version 
Material: resin
Front and rear face housings are connected by magnets
Head circumference: 14.7CM  

Wig size: 8 points wig
We also have OB11 wigs for your purchase!
Color: Pink 、wheat 、mia white


Accessories for heads:  Eyelids   Eye sockets(8mm)
Spherical glass eyes (you don't need to open the back of your head to adjust your eyes from the front of your face)
Transparent neck adapter (when you want to use the GSC body)


Body Accessories:

A leather band connects all the joints of the body

8.3cm resin body

3 pairs of interchangeable different hand shapes

About the body that can be used: OB QBABY body(8.3CM) or GSC BODY 

Note: Does not fit OB11 bodies


There is a colour difference between the real thing and the photos on display, please take the real thing received as the standard

Refer to the BJD doll make-up and make-up removal methods

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