20cm Head circumference Wigs

alpaca wool

Sales goods do not contain dolls, only wigs

Wigs can be added to orders over $250.  Wigs are not shipped alone.

The colour of the pictures may differ from the real thing, the real thing shall prevail.

The size of the wig is tailored to MINI  QBABY's head.

Handmade head shell + alpaca wool  Handmade

Can be worn directly 

🔈 If you are in an area that goes into winter. The temperatures are cooler. The head shell of the alpaca wig may become hard and fragile. Please use a hairdryer to heat the head shell before use to soften it and make it more capricious.

Shipping included  Parcels sent within 90 days

 Tip: handmade and subject to imperfections

 🔈Korean buyers please note: your name, telephone number and personal code must be filled in in detail. Name and address must be in Korean. Thank you for your cooperation. http://inspection.e-kc.vip/ Please use this link to check your information. Make sure it is correct.